Reviewing Thor

Much like Superman, Thor falls to earth as a superhuman creature with amazing powers. Created for the comics in 1962, Thor is the Norse god of thunder in the Marvel Comics universe who never quite reached A-list status. Played here by Australian Chris Hemsworth, Thor fits in on planet earth as a mixture of an abnormally powerful frat boy and Brad Pitt from Meet Joe Black. After rebelling against his father, played by Anthony Hopkins, Thor is cast down to earth and cared for by a group of scientists that includes love interest Natalie Portman.

Thor dvd cover

Thor dvd cover

Thor isn’t a great movie, but it should keep people entertained for the duration of its running time. The special effects look great for CGI, especially the ice gargoyles and the giant metallic robot Thor must battle on earth. Kenneth Branagh proves that he can create a decent superhero flick, and Portman is excellent as the scientist Jane Foster, even if the creators did make the character rather one dimensional. Compared to other Marvel Comics movies, Thor lands somewhere in the middle. It’s not as good as Spider-Man one and two, but it holds its own with the Iron Man and Captain America films.

Thor switches between comical experiences on earth and a struggle taking place on the home planet, making for an interesting flick that does a good job balancing the comic book fantasy world with a more realistic setting. Thor’s brother Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, is one of the most interesting characters in the film, as his behavior is unpredictable and believable at the same time.

The humor is what ultimately makes this movie a halfway decent experience. Laugh out loud moments make up for a lot, and Thor’s time on earth is handled with a deft comic touch that makes the running time of the film pass easily. While this movie may not have been worth spending ten dollars for at a theater, it’s definitely worth a free watch on a movie channel or a cheap On Demand or Netflix rental. Anyone in the mood for a light superhero flick should check it out.

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