Reviewing Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has gone down in history as one of the most important achievements in fantasy film making. Peter Jackson pleased fans and critic alike by sticking close to the stories of the books and bringing to life a tale that many believed was impossible to translate to the big screen. The Lord of the Rings books are timeless classics, adored by millions of epic fantasy fans the world over, and most of them thought that the storyline was too complicated to be squeezed into a screenplay format. Modern special effects and computer technology, combined with extended running times and massive budgets made it possible, and now these three Lord of the Rings films have a fan following that rivals that of Star Wars.

Lord of the rings blu-ray

Lord of the rings blu-ray

The Blu-Ray releases of the Lord of the Rings films were highly anticipated, and they do not disappoint. The Lord of the Rings movies utilize the power of Blu-Ray, and as a result they look and sound way better than the DVD releases. These Blu-Rays will no doubt become a permanent fixture in any video enthusiast’s film library, and may be the final word for a long time regarding the highest possible picture and sound quality of Lord of the Rings.

Although the Lord of the Rings Blu-Rays look generally brilliant in 1080p, there are some minor things to complain about. There is some noticeable grain in The Fellowship of the Ring, and some digital noise reduction that sometimes renders the picture a bit soft with some edge enhancement. The Return of the King and The Two Towers look better than The Fellowship of the Ring, but all three are leaps and bounds ahead of the DVDs and even the HD versions on television. The audio quality of these Blu-Rays is phenomenal, and any viewer with a nice home surround sound system is going to be blown away.

The only bad thing about these Blu-Rays is that they do not include the massive amount of bonus footage found on the Lord of the Rings DVD releases. They include some documentaries, but the extra footage is what the fans were hoping for.

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