Reviewing Hangover 2

As far as bloody movies go, Hangover 2 definitely has a great legacy to live up to. And if the recent announcement that there will be a Hangover 3 gives you any indication about the success of Hangover 2, then you can easily discern where the majority of this review is going.

Hangover 2

Hangover 2

However, you may be a bit disappointed if you are looking for Hangover 2 to measure up to the original. As a matter of fact, the fact that the original Hangover was such a large critical and commercial success might disappoint you when it comes to the sequel no matter what any review says, so we’ll just stick to the major points.

As you might imagine, Hangover 2 sticks to the main premise of the original movie. The guys are still getting lost and having ridiculous adventures fueled by alcohol in a strange city, and the main challenge of the writers was to try to topple of the gags that made the original Hangover such a classic. By and large, they were able to give the actors some solid material with which to work, so the plot went down on paper was definitely not one that would disappoint.

The acting in Hangover 2 also did not disappoint, as each character came back in full force, even if their individual situations have changed slightly. As a matter fact, it is not the main actors that made Hangover 2 slightly less enjoyable than the first, but the slew of character actors around then that could not quite live up to the expectations of the main crew.

You will definitely see some original things in the movie and some things that are sure to become Hangover legacies. Without giving these surprises away, because they are definitely better fodder for laughter if seen without a spoiler, you will definitely laugh at the things that they chose to carry over from the last movie. However, perhaps where Hangover 2 fails to be a true follow-up to its classic predecessor is in the fact that their are not enough chances taken with the new situation that the guys find themselves in.

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