Reviewing Cowboys and Aliens

Two movie genres that repeatedly make appearances over the years are alien movies and cowboy/western movies. Cowboys and Aliens delivers what the title promises and combines the two genres. With a star studded cast, plenty of action, special effects, and an original plot line, Cowboys and Aliens proves to be a great popcorn flick that provides solid entertainment without requiring audiences to over-think things.

Cowboys and Aliens dvd cover

Cowboys and Aliens dvd cover

Cowboys and Aliens takes place in Arizona Territory where a mysterious man named Jake Lonergan shows up in the town of Absolution. Jake cannot remember his past, and the people of Absolution are not welcoming. This all changes when mysterious and monstrous beings begin to take the townspeople captive. The remaining townsfolk realize that Jake may be their only chance to find their lost loved ones and defeat the strange creatures. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star in the film, accompanied by the beautiful Olivia Wilde.

For those seeking a deep and meaningful plot with stellar scriptwriting, Cowboys and Aliens falls short. The actual story lacks substance, but it is driven forward with first-class special effects and action scenes. Despite the absence of a meaty storyline, nobody can accuse the film of being unoriginal. The old west/sci-fi theme is one that hasn’t really been done before, and it is an interesting mishmash of worlds.

The special effects of the Cowboys and Aliens are surreal at times. From sci-fi alien monsters to epic explosions, those looking for a visual spectacle won’t be disappointed. The effects are realistic and don’t scream computer generation when you see them. The majority of Cowboys and Aliens is action-driven and there are few dull moments.

On the whole, Cowboys and Aliens may not be the movie that you recommend to everyone you know. However, it is entertaining and won’t leave you feeling bored. For a deep, moving storyline that makes you think, look elsewhere. But for pure action and a quirky mash up of movie genres, Cowboys and Aliens fits the bill.